Put Me In Coach

Put Me In Coach

When I played competitive sports in my younger days, I would work out and train for that sport to become better.  Why, because I wanted to be a better player so I could help the team and make an impact.  To a large extent, I even wanted to be the star and be noticed as a standout.  But I knew one thing for sure; I didn't want to sit on the sidelines and watch the game.  The only way I could make a difference was to be in the game….."Put me in coach".   As I look back on those years I can see how they fulfilled me at the time, it was my passion, so I was intentional about how I trained and worked it into my life.  But, it was pretty much about me and how others viewed me as a good athlete, a leader, and standout on the team and even validated me as a person.  I was motivated and intentional, but my motives were self-centered, and it was all about me.

One thing I have learned in the past few years is that this life I have been blessed with; my wife and family, home, career, relationships, my health and each breath God has blessed me with “Is Not About Me”!  Throughout the years I have been taught by society and worldly influences that it is supposed to be about me and my happiness, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. The more I hold onto and try to control my happiness the more unhappy and unfulfilled I become.  Acquiring more money and things will never satisfy or fulfill my real desires and life purpose.

We are all seeking something to fulfill our lives with significance and purpose, and for years I have sought after things and relationships that only leave me more empty and alone.  They feel good for a while but can never truly fulfill my deepest desires.  What do I really need?  A purpose that is not about me! The more I learn to live beyond myself and my needs, giving to others, the more fulfilled, free and truly happy I become.

So, I want to encourage you to be intentional about something that genuinely makes your life matter.  Is it time for you to say…."Put me in coach" and get in the game?  If you are ready to get in the game and stop watching other people do acts of significance, you can start a new story today.  John Maxwell says in his book Intentional Living, “Stop looking – start living!”  You will change your life, help others and while doing it you will find real fulfillment and true joy.  You can change your story starting today and stop going through the motions of life and start to become fully alive!

My mission is to help you “Live Life Intentionally”, by achieving your financial and life goals to enable you t to live your Ideal Life, the life you were meant to live.

I understand that every person has a unique vision of their Ideal Life.  My goal is to partner with you to become your Personal Financial Officer, helping to identify what you most value in life and defining the role money will play in your vision. 

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