Social Security by the Numbers

Social Security by the Numbers

61 Million

The number of people who received monthly Social Security benefits in 2016.



The amount of Social Security benefits a 66-year-old with "average earnings" who retires in 2017 receives.



The amount your benefits will increase annually if you delay retirement from your eligible age to age 70.5.



Retirement age to earn Social Security benefits for those born in 1960 or later.



The number of late boomers say they are concerned about the future of the program and their ability to receive benefits.



The number of people currently receiving Social Security benefits report it's important to their monthly income. 85 percent of people not receiving it yet say it will be important to their income in the future.



The number of Baby Boomers plan to work past age 65 — or do not plan to retire at all. 😞



The number of Baby Boomers who plan to continue working say they'll do so for the income or health benefits of their jobs.



The number of Baby Boomers expect to stop working immediately upon reaching retirement age. 


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