Wealth Management Process

At Buckeye Wealth Management you join a dedicated team of professionals who are excited to share your journey to Living Life Intentionally and with Purpose.  Becoming your PFO (Personal Financial Officer) is our privilege and we take it very seriously because we know how very important it is to you. 

Using our unique PFO Wealth Management Process our team will assist you in making every financial decision toward achieving the Life You Want to Live, Your Ideal Life.  Our journey together will look like this:

Planning Your Journey 

Listening to you to gain an understanding of what is most important to you and what drives your concerns, goals, desires, and dreams.

Choose Your Destinations  

Voice your dreams, and Identify and define clear and specific goals, with specific target dates and amounts needed to fund them.

Chart Your Course  

First, evaluate your current position to see where you are, then develop a comprehensive plan to chart a course, discussing alternatives and strategies on how you will reach your destination.

Begin Your Journey  

Implementation of your personal strategy, designed to get you better mileage, making your journey more efficient and enjoyable.

Progress Checks Points  

Ongoing guidance and regular reporting of your progress along your journey, reviewing and making course adjustments as needed.

State of The Art Technology  

Make monitoring your progress anywhere and anytime easy and part of your new journey.  You will have access to your own Personal Financial Website, where you can aggregate and view all your accounts and assets in one place, checking on them in real-time 24/7 from any device.  

Personal Financial Website

Since we are on a journey together, it is important that you have the same access to your information that we do.  This way we can collaborate in real time as things change or course adjustments need to be made.  Part of our Living Intentionally and with Purpose Values, we feel very strongly that you should be well informed as we journey together and help you get to the destination of Your Ideal Life.  So, we are making available to you some of the latest technology in your own Personal Financial Website.  

We coordinate all of your personal financial affairs with your team of advisors.  Always putting your interest first, walking beside you every step of the way on our journey together, while providing a highly personal level of service through a trusted relationship. 

Taking the mystery out of financial planning, we partner with you in all stages of achieving your financial and life goals, such as accumulating wealth, investment strategy, managing risk, preparing for retirement, and preservation of wealth for the benefit of your family and charities through an organized estate plan.