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Our only mission is to help you “Live Life Intentionally”, by achieving your financial and life goals in order for you to live your Ideal Life, the life you were meant to live.

We understand that every person has a unique vision of their Ideal Life.  We want to partner with you to become your Personal Financial Officer, helping to identify what you most value in life and defining the role money will play in your vision. 


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Addressing Care Options Now for Your Aging Parents


Addressing Care Options Now for Your Aging Parents Will Pay Dividends for Everyone

Whether they want the role or not, adult children often find themselves in the position of primary caregiver for their parents. Unfortunately, many of us are not prepared for that role. We often find ourselves so engrossed in how fast our own children are growing up that it’s sometimes easy to forget that our own parents are also aging.

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A Practical Approach to Helping Aging Relatives Prepare for the Future


CREATING AND PRESERVING FAMILY WEALTH: A Practical Approach to Helping Aging Relatives Prepare for the Future

Addressing Care Options Now for Your Aging Parents Will Pay Dividends for Everyone. The best plans for managing the finances of an older relative are made when that individual is still healthy. Once stricken by illness, or frustrated by the loss of mobility and freedom, an older relative may not understand questions or be able to state details of their wishes. Fueled by the uncertainty of what the older relative really wants, the lack of a plan may ignite family arguments.

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Assessing Your Retirement Resources

Assessing Your Retiremement Options Future Loading Graphic 1

How resourceful can you be during your retirement? Determining where your retirement money will come from is an integral part of planning for retirement. Most people draw on three main sources of income: Social Security, employer-sponsored plans, and personal retirement savings. Each offers important resources that can help you fund the lifestyle you seek in retirement.

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